Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photos

Preparing a home for successful photography is an important, yet overlooked element of the home-selling process. It’s surprising how many homes are ill-prepared for photography. Great home photography can be compromised by a home that is not properly prepared.

Selling a home is all about presentation and buyer perception. The homes online presence is the new curb-appeal and you want the images to bring buyers to the home, not drive them away.

Before the photographer arrives to the home, there are several things you should do to prepare. Potential buyers that view the home online will be turned off by cluttered or messy homes and that may keep from visiting the home in person. Less showings mean longer time time to sell.

Front & Back Exterior

• Ensure that trash cans are out of sight
• Cars should not be parked in the driveway
• Yard should be free of any debris
• Neatly coil or remove hoses
• Neatly arrange patio furniture, open umbrella & uncover BBQ grill • Remove leaves from pool, walkways & patio areas

General Tips for Every Room

• Open all curtains & blinds (blinds should be tilted slightly up)
• Turn on all lights in all rooms (replace all burnt-out light bulbs in all fixtures)
• Turn off all ceiling fans
• Hide all personal items (iPads, books, magazines, toys, remote controls, ect.)
• Remove pet toys or children toys, make sure pet crates, beds & dishes out of view • Remove any small rugs
• If there is a fireplace, light it (winter or fall only)
• Place several books or magazines on coffee table or end table
• Arrange pillows on the sofa or other seating areas
• Remove trash cans, toilet brush, plunger, ect.
• Lower the toilet seat lid
• Remove personal items (plastic soap bottles, toothbrushes, brushes & combs, ect.) • Ensure that towels are fresh and presented properly
• Clean mirrors and make sure they are streak-free (Streaks will show in photos)
• Make sure beds are neatly made
• Laundry baskets should not be visible
• Remove all personal items from view, Especially on the dresser and nightstand
• Remove fans & space-heaters
• Set the table or place a centerpiece on the dining table or both
• Remove the trash in kitchen can from view
• Remove all loose items from kitchen counter tops
• Remove everything from the refrigerator door (magnets, photos, calendars, ect.)
• Make sure sink is clean and free of dishes, soap, sponges, ect.

These are only suggestions.

The photographer will move certain small items from view of photos such as, plastic soap bottles, tissue boxes, paper towels, plungers, remote controls, ect. to make better images, but it is the responsibility of the homeowner and/ or Real Estate agent to make sure the home is prepared for photos. Whether ALL, SOME or NONE of the preparation is done, once the photographer arrives, the home will be Photographed AS-IS.