In todays digital world every business needs some sort of online presence. Using Professional Photography to advertise your business online is essential. Having great images of your business says something about your business. People associate great images of your business and a well run business. These images appeal to them, making them want to patronize your business. Just as people associate bad photography as a poorly run, unorganized or dirty business. 

If you want your business to stand out, call Gary Harris Images and schedule a “Free Consultation”, so we can decide what images will best serve your business. Gary Harris will then schedule the photo shoot during a time that best suits your business. 

Once processed, images will be placed in online gallery for you to view and purchase. This includes the “Full Rights” to the image. You don’t have to worry about some sort of usage license where you have to renew at a specified time in order to continue to use the image. You own them.

$35.00 per Image (3 image minimum)