“Real Estate Photography”

“Focusing on Putting Your Best Foot Forward”

The purchase of a home is the biggest investment most people make in their lifetime, and photos are the first things a buyer looks at when considering the purchase of a home. Point and Shoot cameras and iPhones will not provide the high quality, high definition results you need to intrigue your clients. This can only be achieved with professional photographic equipment and a photographer who not only knows how to use it, but also knows how to use it to capture the best angles and lighting in and around the home. Producing professional home photography is what Gary Harris Images will provide. Gary can improve the amount of attention your listings get by over 60%. Click here for Services & Pricing

To get the best images possible for your listings, please make sure that the home is properly prepared and showcased for photography. Click here for a Check-List that will help with the preparation of a home before photography. Gary will move certain small items out of view as required, like paper towels, tissue boxes, soap bottles, remote controllers, plungers, ect., but extremely cluttered homes that have not been prepared before the photographers arrival, will be shot as is.

 “Commercial Photography”

“Focusing on Making Your Business Better!”

 Using Professional Photography to advertise your business online (website, apps, ect.) or through traditional print (brochures, flyers, postcards, ect.) is essential. Having great images of your business says something about your business. People associate great images of your business as a well run business. These images appeal to them, making them want to patronize your business. Just as people associate bad photography as a poorly run, unorganized or dirty business. Gary Harris Images will improve the way potential customers look at your business, by providing your business with high-quality, high-definition Professional Photography. Click here for pricing.

 “Fine Art Photography” 

“Focusing on Making Your Walls Come to Life!”

Gary Harris Images will provide your business or home with High Quality Fine Art Products that will make your walls come to life. You can now showcase your business or home with High Quality Photographic Art without paying those museum prices. Gary Harris Images supplies waiting rooms for doctors, lawyers and insurance agents, hotel rooms and lobbies, restaurants, real estate offices, ect. If your business or home is in need of a facelift or a change in scenery, or you’re just looking to improve the interior with landscape images, then contact Gary Harris Images to order products. Click here to view Fine Art Portfolio.